About Helen

My love of clay dates back to the 1970's when I was the owner of Clay Pigeons. Here I threw functional pottery, taught classes to all ages, and sold my work at craft fairs, shops and galleries.  

After ten years as a studio potter, it was time to leave the studio and share what I had learned about the creative process.

The next ten years were filled with graduate school, work at a Women's Shelter and Rape Crisis Center, hospital, private practice... many opportunities to see how Art Therapy, art materials and creativity could play a powerful role in healing from trauma.

As an avid explorer, interested in discovering new ways to decipher the inner and outer landscape, I took an expressive painting workshop which opened up new horizons. I have stroked tempera on paper, acrylic and oil paint on canvas. Recently I find myself brushing acrylic, metallic and interference colors on ceramic sculpture and am enjoying the challenge of the three dimensional canvas.

After years "out in the world", I have returned to a wonderful ceramic and painting studio where my exploration of form and color continues. I still throw a few pots, but spend most of my time painting and creating ceramic sculpture.  


Photo of Helen working


photo of Helen working

Helen with a sculpture in progress


UPCOMING: May 31 to June 24
Guardino Gallery
2939 Alberta, Portland, OR
Opening: May 31 6-9 PM and
Gallery Talk: June 16 at 2 PM

October-November, 2017
Sculpture and Painting, The Tate, Eugene, OR

Feb 2017
Georgie’s Exhibit

Earthworks Gallery, Yachats, OR

March 9-12, 2012
Recent Sculpture, Pelican Cove Art Show,
Sarasota, FL

April-October, 2012
Sculpture and drawings, Ram Das Library,
Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY

July 6-August 26, 2012
Paintings, Marleau Gallery, Saugerties, NY


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Helen Kaufman
Eugene, OR

(845) 706-3207